Dr. Ahmed Saad

Dr. Saad graduated in 2011 from the faculty of dentistry at Alexandria university

Dr. Saad is doing his master's degree studies in esthetic and restorative dentistry at the faculty of dentistry at Ain Sham University

Since dr Saad received his dental degree, he has focused on managing complex restorative cases. Dr. Ahmed is mastering aesthetic dentistry especially direct composite restorations and indirect ceramics, moreover, he implemented digital and microscopic dentistry in his clinical practice.

Being interested in the restorative field,

He has attended many post-graduate courses worldwide to enrich his knowledge in composites, ceramics, and digital dentistry

Dr. Saad used to lecture in restorative dentistry at many national and international congresses.

Currently, Dr. Saad is a key opinion leader and scientific consultant for Shofu Dental Company “the leading company in the dental field in japan"

As for his private clinical practice, it is limited to esthetic and restorative dentistry following a multidisciplinary approach

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